Hypnox Photography
Matthew Cousins
Steve Prue of Rock Star Images
Yannick Vallee
John Ryba
Ringo Photo
Don Anderson
Jeff McNeill
Scooter Curl
Annette Maichen

Tease Um Bikini
The Adult Shop
Eva's Boutique
Carnie Couture
Skin Industries

Mohawk Manor
Tropical Lagoon Resort
Ace Hotel
Tease Um House
I have been modeling my entire life. It wasn't
always my favorite thing to do but it has
always been something I come back to. Now it
is a passion!

Please enjoy these samples from the diverse
portfolio I have assembled recently over the
past few years. There's a little bit of everything!

Currently  now accepting summer booking
inquiries. I am looking for unique locations, new
wardrobe sponsors and suggestions for
brilliant themes.